Message from the Co-founder

After achieving a state 11th rank in the engineering entrance examination way back in 2001, I felt the path ahead was pretty clear. During my engineering days and later during my work life, I realized the vast difference between expectations and reality. Despite graduating from one f the best engineering colleges in the country, I had very little clarity about careers and industry. This constant urge to seek clarity is one of the reasons for founding Abhyaas Edu Corp.

From the time we founded Abhyaas, we made it a point to imbibe this into our work culture. Any student who walks into our door should leave with a sense of having gained some clarity about things ahead. Mentoring is our forte. Abhyaas iConnex is another step in that direction.

Abhyaas iConnex is an academia industry platform, focused on improving employability in graduates apart from providing them greater clarity about careers. We do this through our various initiatives like the Finishing School, Technology Workshops, Industry - Academia events and helping IT & Non-IT firms recruit the right talent through assessment tests (iCEAT).

In the following pages, we detail out our various offerings. We wish to partner with you to create a thriving ecosystem of employable graduates with greater clarity about careers.