iConnex Employability Assessment Test (iCEAT)

Some of the Selected Students

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iCEAT is aimed at identifying an employable talent pool from engineering colleges. The industry will then hunt for specific skill-sets from this identified talent pool.

Today, the Industry has no access to an identified talent pool from Tier 2 colleges. The industry is also unable to tap talent pool across geographies. On the other hand, we have students with unclear career expectations who decide on a career based on just one or two factors.

We reach out to both the IT & Non-IT industry and partner with them in recruiting the right talent. On the other hand, we reach out to colleges & students take the iCEAT. Based on the score in iCEAT & any other criteria set forth by the company, they get shortlisted to various companies. We then organize region specific recruitment drives for these shortlisted students. With one test, students get an opportunity to be considered by multiple companies.


iCEAT provides a good platform for the freshers as there are no on campus placements in today’s scenario. iCEAT is a very good choice for campus placements. I really thank Abhyaas for such an opportunity. Vinay Reddy, High Radiu

iCEAT is a very good platform covering both aptitude and verbal reasoning. The interview process was perfectly planned. I am really thankful to team iConnex to have come up with this idea which will be very helpful to students in future as well. P Santosh, High Radius

iCEAT reduces the gap between the company and the candidate. As student cannot aproach the companies directly this platform will be acting as a bridge. Even the process of selection is awesome. Such tests are encouraging many students for their career. I feel so happy that I am placed through this Organisation. I request the organisation to conduct such tests and reduce the gap between the companies and the candidate. Thank You! Anil Kumar, High Radius

I thank iConnex team because the screening test conducted by you helped me to get a job in my core field. We are the first one's among our batchmates to get placed core sector, I want to convey a heart felt Thank You to team iConnex. Pranay, Polmon Industries

A big thanks to Abhyaas iConnex team because there are many core sector jobs in a large or small scale industries & it is difficult for a student to find them. Because of Abhyaas iConnex, I got a chance to apply for my core job. Now I am working in my core field. Thank you very much, Sir. Himabindu, Polmon Industries

The Process