Industry-Academia Events

Snapshots of earlier events

These events are organized regularly at various locations to facilitate an interaction between the best in the industry and the academia. Each event has a specific theme. The events are interactive in nature and provide much needed insights to the leaders from academia. It also becomes a platform to share best practices.

The platform attracts the best in the business. People like Jayesh Ranjan (IAS), Sanjay Jaju (IAS), Anu Acahrya, Ramesh Loganathan & others leaders from various sectors were part of some earlier interactions.

Some of the themes that were discussed earlier are

Are we placing all our eggs in one basket?

In an age of fluctuating growth curves and fortunes, it is imperative to be prepared for a situation where the big IT-BPO companies give the placement season a miss. There is a huge onus on accounting all the possible options that hitherto went unnoticed. This interaction enabled the academia representatives to get a fresh perspective on the opportunities that can be suggested to students along with the ways to pursue it outside the IT sector.

With the markets changing, are the roles changing too?

While the fact remains that the Placement Officers are the backbone of colleges, their roles have changed over the years. From a time they were co-ordinators of the placement activity in the college, they are now at the war-front representing the brand, setting the right kind of expectation for the students, attracting the right kind of companies and be ready to manage ‘change’. The discussion created a possible road-map for academia representatives to become equipped with the ‘till-now’ unknown to deal the future which remains unknown.

Fostering Research & Innovation on campus

Gone are the days when one had to have his/her pockets full to translate an idea into reality. This is the era of ideas. The list of high net worth technology companies are dominated by those ideas that germinated from a university campus. This session focussed on how colleges can foster innovation and research by a slew of simple measures.

Building an informed student fraternity

It is common knowledge that engineering students go by only brand and annual CTC when it comes to choosing a job. Parameters like learning opportunity, job role, Product Vs Service etc take a backseat. More often than not, it is due to lack of information. This session focussed on how the leaders in academia build an informed student fraternity.