Skill Gap Survey in the Aviation Sector :

The ‘Monitoring & Evaluation of ESDM Scheme (Pilot Study)’ was undertaken to study the effectiveness in the implementation of the ESDM Scheme in Telangana. The survey output is a result of detailed telephone conversations with individual students, field visits to Training Partner locations and employer locations.

Monitoring & Evaluation of the ESDM Scheme :

The tool consists of a strong framework of Information technology which permits an implementing agency to control the entire process in an easy and seamless manner without being worried about data privacy issues, because of the inbuilt security features. It takes in situ inputs from the field and processes them for verification. Verification is being done telephonically and physically as needed. The tool is highly customizable with the ability for agencies to choose stages for monitoring as they deem fit.

Kaushalya Paryavekshan Saadhan :

The ‘Skill Gap Survey in the Aviation Sector’ was undertaken to study the skill gaps in the aviation sector, especially in the areas of Engineering Solutions & Maintenance. The survey was a result of extensive interactions with a cross section of people from the Industry and students pursuing Aeronautical Engineering & AME Courses.